Thursday, 28 July 2011

Corsican Pine

I'm not very good at identifying all the different species of pine trees that surround us.  I can recognise the Scots Pine because of the red trunk but, as for the rest I always need someone else to identify them for me.  However I worked very carfully with my handbook and I think I have my first identification.  It's a Corsican pine.  And the West Cliff out of my window has a good collection of them.

And here is the clincher.  Two needles in a bundle.  Thus:

Monday, 11 July 2011

The Bournemouth Gardens

Some really dramatic treescapes can be seen within the Bournemouth Pleasure Gardens.  These extend two miles inland from the sea and actually finish within Poole.  Below are some snaps of a walk along the whole length of the Bourne stream which forms the central feature of the gardens. The pictures are not all of trees but do give an indication of the lush growth often within yards of densely built up ares.  Worth a saunter on a Sunday afternoon or when it's too breezy to be comfortable on the beach.  Take a picnic.